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Corporate and Business Sectors

If you work in a corporate or business setting, you will know how vital it is to have a happy and healthy workforce.  We all love days out, and time out of the office or factory keeps us refreshed, motivated and mentally fit to do our jobs.  So, how about adding that little bit of difference or a massive difference, by incorporating horses into your team building days!

For a great day out, and a completely different and unique experience, whether it be team building days, or to give your staff a fun day (as a thank you for all their hard work), Equine Partners can offer you a great time.

If you're not the boss, never mind, show him or her our website and let them know how much you would like to come to us.

We at Equine Partners hope to see you all very soon.



Personal Development and Retreats

Our retreats are there to give you a well deserved time to relax, rest, download all those worries and cares, and refresh you for return to 'life'.

Apart from spending time with the horses, we can incorporate yoga, reiki, meditation, and mindfulness.  One of the most popular times of the day, or weekend, is the 'Path of Reflection' which you have to experience to really appreciate.  Simple but effective!

You might want to just take time out of your busy or stressful life. You might want to reconnect with nature.  You might want to try something different from your 'norm'.  It might be that you want to experience what it is like chilling out with another, and very different, being.  It could be that you want to have a try at various relaxation ideas.  Whatever the reason, let us know, and we will try to make it happen.

Equine Therapy Even for the little ones!!!

Public Sector and Support Groups

We offer many benefits to organisations such as social services, police, fire services, NHS, government departments, schools and colleges amongst others. Equine therapy is ideal for management, staff and clientele.  It is particularly beneficial for those who need help with their own lives, or those who could have PTSD or trauma due to the nature of their work.

We have a great understanding of the unique pressures, restraints and demands of the Public Sector and Support Groups, having worked within and closely with many of you and your service users. It may also be that you have client groups and/or associated people who could benefit from either individual or group work.

Equine Therapy has often been proved to be quicker and more effective than conventional therapy, thereby helping your organisation in more ways than one.


Our Services Are For Everyone

Equine Partners run sessions for anyone needing or wanting therapy for a variety of reasons, personal and professional. For individuals, couples, or families - work colleagues, whole departments, CEO's, groups of people with similar problems, ie mental health and/or physical health.

Equine therapy has been proved to be more effective and, in many instances, give faster results than other forms of therapy, precisely because of the nature of the horses.  No other therapy 'partner' is able to give you a totally non-judgemental, and therefore honest, feedback.

Equine Partners use two different methods, albeit similar:

i) Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP), incorporates horses experientially for growth and learning, It is a collaborative effort between a mental health professional, a horse professional, clients and horses to address treatment goals, more usually emotional and mental goals.

ii) Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) incorporates horses experientially for growth and learning. Again it is a collaborative effort between a mental health  professional, a horse professional, clients, horses and other specialised professionals, such as, physiotherapists, family support, etc. EAL is to specifically address learning goals.

(NB, some of the above wording for EAP amd EAL has been taken form EAGALA)

A little explanation about our services

Equine Partners run many different kinds of experiences for a variety of groups, and can include extra activities to either suit your individual needs, or to enhance your sessions. We offer team building, CPD days, retreats, corporate days and specific workshops, such as confidence building, body awareness, communication. We can offer these as mixed gender, and male or female only sessions, because we understand that equality also means privacy.

Equine Partners belief is that the horses give you the opportunity to think 'outside the box', and that having another being alongside you adds an interesting dimension to the work.  We can also bring in other specialised professionals so that you gain more insight, more awareness, and more knowledge about yourself, and your colleagues or your work. This provides the opportunity for some one-to-one time with a horse and ourselves, and also some individual reflective time.

Whatever the reason for coming, Equine Partners have something to offer you so that you have your own memorable time with us. Also, on all half and full day courses, we feel that you need to be pampered just a little bit. Therefore, we make sure that snacks, and refreshments are always on hand. We can also arrange full catering if needed.



Next Steps...

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