Bonjour tout le monde
Hello world!!! – From Nicola and Penny

The last few weeks have been really interesting and exciting. We have had a few CPD courses, with one person stating that it really helped because they had lost a family member and it had helped them realise that they needed to be in a better place to assist their own clients and business. They have gone on to make great steps forward in healing themselves and being able to be present in their professional life more.

We have had a father and son for a therapy session, and the horses were absolutely amazing!!! We couldn’t be more proud of them, one of our horses took it upon themselves to be besides the father and stay present with him throughout the whole session. This man has suffered depression which has at times been extremely debilitating, and he also now needs to walk with a stick. Although we cannot divulge the details, and can only give you a snippet of what happened, it was a heartwarming sight to see him smiling and grinning, and laughing, and trying to be more able, even popping over and through the fence to get grass for the horse. Extreme gratitude to my herd, for being excellent horses.

Looking Forward to Many more sessions like this. Nicola

Hi Everybody, or Bonjour mes amis

Well what a start to our longed for recce at the retreat centre we are planning to use in France. Our flight was cancelled due to thunderstorms over central France, so we spent a night in a hotel, but rather than a disaster, it was a great learning curve for the future.

So might we be so bold as to suggest that you contemplate if at all possible, you come a couple of days earlier and spend some time in Beautiful Perpignan or nearby, so that you have the opportunity to see some sights, spend time at the beach and maybe shop. Or simply browse around Perpignan or nearby villages, to get into the French Spirit as we will be 1,1/2 hours from the nearest shops – time to get out the French Phrase Book!!! Because we would absolutely hate for you to ever miss a day as unfortunately we did in the beautiful foothills of the Pyrenees, as it is just the perfect place to relax and unwind. We can vouch that in 3 days we have come back feeling, more relaxed, fitter, healthier, and a lot of aches and pains have disappeared, and we were there working, we cant wait to hear how you will feel after relaxing.

Can’t wait to meet you, Penny

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